The Power of Storytelling – NYT VR at The VR Cinema

Great news! In partnership with The Power of Storytelling Conference, we brought you the most awarded  New York Times VR shorts! Stand alongside Iraqi forces during a battle with ISIS. Dive under Antarctic sea ice, see the psychedelic colors of the hottest place on Earth. Join NYT award-winning journalists at the center of it all. Early adopters of the VR technology in immersive journalism, NYT uses the new medium as a source of communicating objective truth. As the video journalist doesn’t choose the frame anymore, the audience gains the freedom to consume the information from all it’s angles, independent of the journalist’s perspective. NYT VR shorts are available for Bucharest locals only between October 17-22. You have the chance to experience it for free at The VR Cinema! The two NYT VR sections are: — Section 1– Under a Cracked Sky – 9:47 Great Performers LA Noir (together) – 4.37 min The Displaced – 11:12    — Section 2 — The Fight for Falluja – 11:08 The Land of Salt and Fire – 6.09 The National: Something Out of Nothing – 12:16